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The Plimsouls in the Nineties, Playing With Jack, featuring Clem Burke.

Kool Trash (1998)

Davido, Eddie and I, with Clem Burke going crazy on drums. The Williams Brothers, Andrew and David, sing backups, the way they did on the original A Million Miles Away. Ethan Johns, (son of Glyn) engineered this,  and Andrew Williams produced it. Ethan brought in a Gretsch that was once David Crosby’s, and I played it throughout, one of the greatest guitars I’ve ever had my hands on, it just had a river of electric musical power running through it, amazing.  The lyrics spin a cautionary tale, but its all with a rock n roll sense of humor. This track was pretty much ignored at the time by radio etc. I thought they’d be all over it. What did I know? But its still a good listen…


By the way, I’ll be at McCabes in Santa Monica Saturday Night, July 8, 8pm.  C’mon out!






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