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The Plimsouls Live, 1983 Who’s Gonna Break The Ice?

This is from a live album, Beachtown Confidential, recorded at the Golden Bear, in Huntington Beach, one of our favorite clubs, in 1983, and released on Alive/Naturalsound Records. This and the other two Plimsouls Live recordings I believe are the best recordings we did, and surpass the studio versions for sound and excitement. We were a live band!   Below is a link to the record at the Alive store. There’s another one available there, Live! Beg, Borrow and Steal, from The Whiskey a Go Go Halloween 1982.

There was talk at the time that this tune would be the next single…


Both of these are available at iTunes and Apple Music:


For the vinyl or CD:

Beach Town Confidential (1983)



  1. LOVED THIS SONG from the first time I heard it – I always wished we made more of it !! -Great following you posts I am re-living some CHOICE Moments

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