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The Action Dogs “I Can’t Get Through To You” 1981

The Action Dogs were a collaboration with the Plimsouls, their NYC pals the Fleshtones, guitarist and rockabilly legend Danny B. Harvey, rock and roll pianist extrordinaire the late Uncle John Herron, and A Million Miles Away producer Jeff Eyrich. A twelve piece band, recorded live to two track in Hollywood, a late night, drink-fueled session that nearly none of the participants clearly recalled. The song I had started for the Nerves and never recorded, then the Fleshtones added a  great section halfway through and everybody kicked in some lyrics, and it was just really fun, I think!!! Check it out. Listen on big speakers or headphones for the full effect… Thanks Danny for the copy.


  1. I used John Herron many times in the studio and he tried to teach me golf. Yes, golf. Did not know the pride of Oklahoma was gone. What a shame. He was great, great company.

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