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definition:  “the inspired declaration of divine will & purpose”“an inspired utterance of a prophet”

always heard a lot about prophecy, but never really understood what it meant—seeing the future, crystal balls, dreams, voices & lights, all figure in, but it seems that prophecy is also having the clear use of your senses & mind in the present, able to see the obvious—cars rolling down the highways by the millions: I predict—the day of the automobile will soon be over! insane irrational buffoons in power: I predict—disease, death, & sorrow will ensue—Blake was a prophet—he saw the disaster of a materialist world Was Ford a prophet? He saw how to manufacture that world.

Visionaries? —distraction does not lead to prophecy—heat up your oven, your fire, stay engaged, ask—always ask & you will receive—was Dylan a prophet on par with Ezekial? compelling imagery—the art of art is getting anybody to listen & care—

Same may go for prophecy—it’s so easy for me to lose track —the prophetic that now needs to be brought—stay tuned—attentive—seek higher direction—don’t be afraid to see & speak—don’t waste yourself on games & distractions.

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