Peter Case


Songwriting Weekend in San Francisco, July 21-22-23! (Also, six-week Tuesday evening class starts July 11)

This three day class is going to be great. The whole six-week class in three intense days! Come to San Francisco, enjoy the city and jumpstart your creativity! Sign up now, get your tickets, come on out. Also, on July 11, the regular Tuesday evening class gets underway, a six week course. Let me know if you have questions about either of these events!

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Anything (from The Case Files compilation)

This song was recorded by a band we had that never really got off the ground, the Drawing Blanks. It was me, Eddie Munoz, Tony Marsico, and the late Michael Bannister. We made some demos, and it didn’t go anywhere. But I always loved this one.


The Case Files (2011)

Anything resurfaced on Torn Again, slightly re-written, and this version came out on the compilation, The Case Files, released on Alive/Naturalsound records as a cd, or vinyl.

You can buy The Case Files here.

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