Peter Case

Tour Diary

On Tour! Come on out…

On this track, it’s Case & Ridgway bringing the noise!  I’m out on tour solo, now, and playing a few gigs with my pals Dead Rock West, rocking the house, I promise.

Tour listings and links at www.


Here’s another jam, from McCabe’s, with Ron Franklin, and DL Bonebreak from X!


12 hour turnaround

you get up to the room after navigating a freeway & a service road—then, a crowded motel office—now crossing the parking lot with luggage—two trips with arms clinging to instruments & clothes on hangers—the next door neighbor eyes you suspiciously—or is that hostility in his eyes—predation? the door clicks behind—the light is felt for, your fingers do the walking in the dark—and they come on—the aroma? is it an odor? its a dry & chemical cleaner thats been used—the room is chilly—there is one thin garishly colored cover for the bed—orange & blue—and from experience you know the heater will either misfire or fry you—But some time without having to keep an eye cocked at the highway—time to close yr eyes & fall into inner space—play some music through the tiniest & tinniest of speakers—reading—writing—‘rithmetic—the little stale schoolhouse—drinking lots of water from plastic bottles—in this room the near-by highway presents as a steady roar—gotta get some sleep so I can drive tomorrow but its so much fun just being in this dump alone & not moving.

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