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Birth Of Tragedy

Nietzsche’s Birth Of Tragedy Reading Society and Discussion Group

The complications in any discussion of The Birth of Tragedy are overwhelming at this point.  I’ve been looking at the companion piece he wrote later, An Attempt At Self- Criticism.  Have you folks seen that?

He’s opposed the idea of the Christian with Dionysian. He thinks Christianity is anti-art, anti-life, the desire for a “sabbath of sabbaths.”  I agree that the Christian message has at its root a disgust with the ways of the world. But there’s more to it. It’s also about seeing all with the eyes of love.

As usual, what is desirable is not black and white thinking , but a mixing of the viewpoints.

Christianity versus Art!  Apollonian versus Dionysian! And a genius philosopher who went mad. But there is something to his probes into these phenomena and their effect on culture.

Ok lawyers have at it!



“Nieztsche never wore an umpire’s suit”

— (Highway 61 Revisited liner notes)


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