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Live in Cleveland. 1981!   The great Motown/Marvin Gaye hit “One More Heartache” from the live LP “One Night In America.”   Later that same night the legendary “Swingo’s Incident!” Yipes!
One Night in America (1981)

Songwriting Classes In July in San Francisco including a Songwriting Weekend, July 21-22-23!

with Ben Harper, guitar, DJ Bonebreak, drums, Cindy Wasserman & Eva DeRoovere, background vocals, David J Carpenter, bass, Jebin Bruni, keyboards Recorded by Sheldon Gomberg at the Carriage House, in Los Angeles Inspired by the Richard Wright novel The Outsider.

    Mother was doing her ironing while she listened to Nat King Cole Teenagers came & went in cars all tuned to rock’n’roll Windows were open in the summer heat Locusts were buzzing out there street The feelings passed now I can’t recall How we never thought that we had it all   Everything has been erased that’s the way it goes First the laughter then the light now they’re all gone & locked up tight where the cold wind blows But we’ll all meet again at the end

Allen The Frozen Chosen were playing every night on the corner of Broadway and Columbus, across from City Lights books, and Allen Ginsberg started coming out. We spotted him walking across the street towards us, he stepped right up and said “Hey guys, I’m Allen. Mind if I sit in?” We knew who he was, and said “sure.”  He said “Can you play some country blues?”  And we said yeah and went into a blues, and he started making up a song right there on the corner, singing to the people passing

Barry Rose, the music director at the local rock ‘n’ roll radio station KBOP, happened to live in Joey’s building. Every so often he and his wife came out to the pool and Joey’d smoke a joint with them in the Jacuzzi. Joey got to know him a bit, so after we had the record finished and had an acetate, we decided to give Barry a preview. Joey set it up for the next night at 7pm, in Joey’s apartment. We’d all be there, the writer’s, Joey, Chris, and me.

This song was recorded by a band we had that never really got off the ground, the Drawing Blanks. It was me, Eddie Munoz, Tony Marsico, and the late Michael Bannister. We made some demos, and it didn’t go anywhere. But I always loved this one.  

The Case Files (2011)
Anything resurfaced on Torn Again, slightly re-written, and this version came out on the compilation, The Case Files, released on Alive/Naturalsound records as a cd, or vinyl. You can buy The Case Files here.

Another track from Full Service, No Waiting, featuring Greg Leisz, Sandy Chila, David Jackson, and the excellent production of Andrew Williams. This collection came out on Vanguard in the nineties, and you can still order from them or other online stores, iTunes etc…I’ll post the lyrics when I can find a copy!

Dorian lived upstairs from the Green Street Mortuary, in North Beach. He was caretaker there, cleaning up around the bodies downstairs, late nights and early mornings. The rest of the time he was blowing mouth harp out on Broadway, with the likes of me and Jimmy, or practicing alone, sitting on his bed, upstairs over the death chapel, truly lost in the blues. He’d come to the states from Australia, and his skin was a whiter shade of paste, but he took his blues music very seriously.  He was “living the blues,”