Peter Case

Latest Words

fortune cookies

heard the story on the evening news
‘bout the Capulets & the Montagues

ryan’s dream
on a private highway airport bound
the convoy speeds past shanty town

bannon’s vision
dragons on the sidewalk angels in the trees
children on the border cut down like Christmas trees

ryan’s sermon
he’s my rock & my salvation I shall not be moved
& tho a fire awaits you your credit’s pre-approved

miller time
the hate truck that yr driving
the wheels will soon fall off
the other pigs yr riding with
will push you from the trough

the union won the civil war
it ended in a rout
hatred never wins the day
Hitler found that out

yes on no
you lost your taste
for hearing truth
then got lost
in a polling booth

the city is silent
the sea is black
the sun is cold
the cables slack

the sky is brick
the clouds are fake
our votes were cast
into the lake

fortune cookie
“to see what is in front of one’s nose is a
constant struggle.’

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